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Welcome to Mayo Code . The portfolio website of Manisha Sharma . The secret code to Knowledge.

Branding & Designing

I Love

Branding is the most powerful and sublime feature of Mayo Code. I believe learning design is necessary and can be implemented everywhere, even in the boring datasheets. Design can make any work more comprehensible. Design and branding are very significant for a company, those who understand it thrive.

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Yes, I code. Hence, the name

To bring all the designs successfully into play we need a strong back-end team. Design and development go hand in hand, we are fully cognizant of this and have the best development experts in the team who will interact smoothly with me and the designers to build successful platforms without barriers. This synergy is most important and the same you will experience

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Repeat… Content is King

You would’ve heard this a 1000 times but the fact won’t change that content is actually the king. I am a professional published author and also an expert in writing the best-suited content, you will get a chance also to select your own writer who are closely in touch with me.

Research and content writing brings in the real organic traffic to your website. Get proper content written with the proper keywords and plagiarism.

Hail the King!

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Capture moments… Capture Art

I have my own photography equipment and will also go to an extent to shoot pictures themselves for a website or web app. Ditch the stock images, click what is most necessary. I like to keep things clear and I know when to use the already existing stock images and when to go do it on my own. 

Photography includes individual photo shoots for models, kids, couples, product shoots and infrastructure shoots. Why? because, I love make people SMILE 🙂

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