The Diactomies in our life

The Diactomies in our life
Hello, I had attended a writers group and the topic was diactomy, diactomies are a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different. To put in plain words we have to bring out opposites in a story.
Here is the story I wrote, let’s see if you can spot the diactomies, put them in the comments. Thank you for reading

The Diactomies in our life

Abdul Khan was the CEO of C tech, both handome and handsome made him the twinkle of many women in his company. He was ruthless at taking tough decisions, hardworking, fun loving and above all a man with a strong gut. The ground below his feet could shatter and he would still be standing.
He was 29 and like every other mother was forcing him to marry now, he got hundreds of proposals even from Dubai but couldn’t set his mind on one women, he wasn’t sure what he was looking for in his fast paced life.

Opposites attract and he fell in love with Meera from his office, she was a beautiful young women, he was leaving in his Porshce from his office basement and that’s where he saw her, helping an old man cross the road. He laid his eyes on her and knew she was the one he would marry. He needed someone kind and slow in his tempermantal life. He stopped the car near her, he looked at his thick black hair let loose with a center partition curving her oval face, the hair was in high contrast with her fair skin.
“Where do you work miss?” He asked with his bold voice
“Boss?” She said and he apparently knew where
“Get in I’ll drop you,”
Meera got in anxiously she couldn’t say no to her boss’s offer, she had often seen him shouting and creating scenes in the office, she saw how he had fired his assistant just because the assistant didn’t add sugar to his coffee. She sat silent, and stared at his brown skin and brown eyes, she could notice his belly buldging out a little, she didn’t like the fact because she worked out every morning to stay fit. They didn’t talk a word except for her address.
“Thank you, boss,” Meera said, opening the door
“Please, call me Abdul and can I drop you tomorrow too?”
Meera wanted to reject but she was attracted to him, he was so fast, open and tough. She wanted someone like him in her slow paced life.
A month passed and Abdul started, dropping Meera everyday, he would often wait for her in the basement pretending they were leaving at the same time, he didn’t want to starle her, he obviously knew everything about her, as he checked and inquired the first thing as soon as he dropped her first time. They are now close and often gossiped about their collegues, they often tell people start talking in their mother tongues if they are in love and their engilsh was converted to Hindi, he also told her how C-tech is going to get a new big project. She was excited but wasn’t much interested in money. The only thing she keen about was her Shiv ling at home, she worshipped God everyday before leaving and would offer milk on every Wednesdays.
“Thank you, Abdul,” Meera was about to leave the car
“Meera,” he stopped her and leaned close
“We are obviously attracted, will you marry me?” He landed a soft kiss on her cheek and she blushed to the core, she kissed him back and he didn’t want an answer.

Ten years pass
Despite many controversies, Abdul married Meera, they now live in a house where there is both a puja room and a namas room. Meera sometines wish her kids were of the same gender. Karthik and Kiara their twins are five years old. Karthink loves swords and cars, Kiara, dolls and teddies. Karthik is loud and violent, while Kiara, silent and kind. Karthik often pushed her and hit her, she would come crying to her father.

Abdul loves his kids a lot but his favorite is Kiara, he always had an attraction to the slow and weak, he would often pinch or slap Karthik to punish when he hurt his sister and Meera would hug him to bed.

The family was a dream, the kids grew up and started to wonder why their parents slept separate, they had seen their cousnis parents wardrobes in the same room. Meera slept with Karthink in one room and Abdul with Kiara, their parents didn’t even talk much, the kids would only sleep together when they would hear loud noises, from the other room and would fall asleep listening to the keyboard. The kids realized that their mother would keep arguing while their father didn’t even bother to stop working.

Kiara and Karthik often fought but loved each other a lot, Karthik would often protect her form her nasty classmates. He even punched a few. The kids were 11 years old, and were in the hospital, that was the first time when they first time heard the word “divorce”. They googled “dye wo c” and when the spelling didn’t work they used the voice to text and watched the first video on the link to realize their parents were separating.

People gossip about others life when their life isn’t perfect. They evaes dropped on their neighbor aunty who said how her husband warend Abdul not to inject and how he later hurried taking Abdul to the hospital from his farm house and saved him. That was also the first time they heard the words “drug over dose”.

Meera and Abdul wanted to separate, Meera couldn’t take his torture anymore. The agreed that Karthik would live with Meera and Kiara with Abdul. Will the kids ever meet again? The dichotomy of their parents life is leading to their shattered hearts. Will they ever love again? Will Karthik ever save Kiara again? The four cry as they separate. Kiara waves through the back window with Meera standing next to Karthik.

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